Why a supplement?

So why a supplement?

It’s a question that comes up often and I believe anyway, the best way to explain is to tell my story – I’ll chat about the science another time. Bare with me because it does come full circle.

When I hit my bottom, there was no big trauma or event that took me there. I was working hard, drinking hard, socialising and even finding some time to date – just your typical hospitality lifestyle of extremes.

It was a gradual decline and one that I honestly did not completely understand. If ‘nothing was wrong’ with me then why was I always so down? Why did I have no energy? Why was I beginning to stand underneath bridges and wonder ‘what if?’

I’d come up in the industry in the era where you worked hard and unless there was something like a death in the family – if you weren’t constantly on your game, it was probably just a sign that you couldn’t handle the pressure.

Had I just become weak? That was the prevailing thought in my mind, which only led me to work and party harder – somewhat escalating the problem.

Skipping forward.

When I decided to make big changes to my life, I simply chose one area to focus on and take control of – my physical fitness and appearance, something that I knew upset me. Due to many episodes of the Tim Ferris Show and a little bit of research, I landed on regular exercise and the keto diet as a way forward. Keto was chosen due to the positive effect it’s shown to have on the brain, fat loss and its restriction on alcohol – which had become a problem.

If you don’t know about keto, it is essentially a high-fat diet and super restrictive on carbohydrates, which includes vegetables that are filled with essential micronutrients. I realised very early on that to get the most out of keto, I should supplement – primarily good sources of magnesium and vitamin D at this point.

I should point out, that while keto was good for me – I don’t recommend it to people. Find what works for you.

So a funny thing happened, after a while, I began to feel a little bit better – even if it was just 5%. This led me down a bit of a rabbit hole, what could I do now to take this even further? What other supplements could I take? How does the brain work? What does my brain need?

Somewhere along the road, I found Nutritional Psychiatry and my journey began to make sense.

Nutritional psychiatry is the study of diet and lifestyle as modifiable risk factors in mental health onset and prevention. It studies the biological influence that our lifestyles have on things that are shown to cause issues with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. That lifestyle can play as big a part in our mental health as genetics or trauma, but unlike most causes, it was able to be influenced and improved through lifestyle changes and supplementation.

This was a bit of a game-changer for me, I wasn’t weak after all and there was an explanation for what I went through. An explanation of how I ended up in the dark without any obvious cause or event to the point where my life no longer mattered.

This absolutely fascinated me and only cemented my stance of controlling what I could control. How far could I take this?

Apparently, high-stress lifestyles, with high booze and coffee intake, irregular meal times, not enough sleep, and my main source of nutrition each day being a thrown together staff meal, is not a good recipe for positive mental health.

Learning that 59% of our industry is currently struggling with a mental health issue, I thought to myself that these issues couldn’t just be specific to me.

So combining this knowledge with research into the industry and the common lifestyles influenced by the different jobs within it – I set out to formulate a ‘hospitality recipe’ that could help with our very unique working conditions and social lives that we all undertake daily.

Then I got out experimenting!

It was made to help as many people as possible to not go through what I did. Something simple, effective and specific to our industry for those that struggle to tick all their boxes both nutritionally and in their lifestyle. A starting point, ticking all the essential boxes to then make further changes in their life – like what we’ve set up in our membership package.

This is why I built this supplement and this is why I’m here today.

Matt x