For stress relief and mindfulness

The creation of neuroscientist and best selling author, Sam Harris, Waking Up is a logical and effective approach to practicing sustainable meditation habits.

The initial 50-day introduction is an exploration into the nature of consciousness and mindfulness – walking you through the lessons to focus the mind and relieve stress without the enforced spiritual overload.

We’re super excited to be involved with such a wonderful company and product.

The introductory course is the only meditation course that I’ve tried where I don’t feel babied in the process. It actively takes the time to explain the theory behind the process to further your understanding, which in turn makes it easier to come back to it everyday. I’ve also found the little podcasts and conversations with other specialists super interesting and helpful.

Alexandra Farrow
Restaurant Manager
Silver Lining

Gary Weir
Head Chef

Sam Harris delivers guided meditation in a manner which I find extremely accessible and at ease with. There is a lot of other great content on the app. I think it delivers meditation in a way which can be sustained over time.

The Waking Up app has been better internal therapy for me than any other thing ive done for self improvement. More than anything, I just really love that it’s not spiritual and is very logical and neutral.

Maria Kontorravdis
Senior Bartender
Sexy Fish

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