Our Story.

At its core, Hospro has always been about self-improvement – we provide individuals in the hospitality industry with the tools and skills to make big impacts with small changes.

Our values


Continuous Self-Improvement:

It’s the foundation of our story & it’s the principle behind the products we provide. Hospro is here to help you grow, but make no mistake, we will be there growing too.

Helping you make a difference.


Action, not awareness:

We are often drawn to raising awareness on the issues when it comes to topics like wellness or workplace performance – we’re focused on finding solutions.

Giving you a tools to do it.


Community and collaboration:

A safe space away from your venue filled with leaders who have overcome similar problems you’re currently facing. It may be lonely at the top, but you are not alone.

To create something bigger than yourself.

Our Founder.

A veteran of 15yr in the hospitality industry, Matthew Cameron is also a trained Mental Health First Aid champion, as well as, in the science of happiness at work through the acclaimed University of California, Berkeley.

After working his way from the bottom to top in both specialty cafes and highly awarded cocktail bars over his career, Matthew has experienced firsthand the strain and responsibilities of a management role, as well as, the effect both good and bad managers can have on the workplace.

His journey to create Hospro began on January 2nd, 2019 when after hitting rock bottom, he almost took his own life. This came about from a combination of a poor work environment, burnout, and an all too familiar hospitality lifestyle of an unhealthy diet and excessive alcohol consumption.

It was always meant to be a personal journey of recovery until a colleague, also struggling, asked him for help.

A proud introvert, Matthew set out to create change from the background by building the world’s first nutritional supplement designed for the hospitality lifestyle, a product he wholly believes in.

But a group he mentored during the first covid lockdown taught him how powerful his story, experience and knowledge  could be to helping others create meaningful change in the industry that he’s spent his life loving.


“Matthew has created a carefully crafted leadership training programme that will help build  a happier, healthier and better-performing work environment.”

Max Fellows
Co-founder at Virtual Events Directory & Elevate mentoring. TED Speaker


“Matthew’s willingness to talk about his own struggles with ill mental health, combined with his extensive hospitality experience make him uniquely positioned to succeed on this mission.”

Geoff McDonald
Mental Health Campaigner and Keynote Speaker


“Matthew’s training tackles the biggest questions the industry currently faces with the sole purpose of helping you create a happier and healthier workplace. If you’re looking to create a business where you and your team thrive, this training is for you.

Melissa Noakes
Head of Sponsorship & Events at Santander UK, Co-founder of Elevate


“People work for people and in the current recruitment crisis, leaders have to focus on retention – this tool is a brilliant way to do that and so I fully encourage leaders to sign up and use it.

Sean Wheeler
People and Culture Consultant


“In a time when it’s never been more important to attract and retain new employees, the Hospro training will put you on the right path to building a team that’s happy, and works well for your business.

Frankie Kitt
Operations Manager at The Rose Partnership


This course is the result of Matthew’s own journey of self-improvement. He’s put his heart and soul into this and it shows. The training programme is incredibly well put together. It’s going to help guide, inspire and develop the next generation of hospitality leaders.

Peter Kerwood
Marketing Consultant