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Hospro Chats w/ Artur Paulins

Hospro Chats w/ Artur Paulins, a breathwork coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, a Wim Hoff Method Instructor and an all-round great guy.

Hospro Chats w/ Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald – a Keynote Speaker, Business Transformation Advisor & Mental Health Campaigner joins us this time around.

Hospro Chats – Mike Vardy

We chat about all things productivity, strategies for routines and how to take advantage of the unique hospitality lifestyle to form a solid and healthy structure in our lives.

Hospro Chats – Tobias Barnes Hofmeister

Tobias Barnes Hofmeister on finding meaning, how to form peak performance environments, the power of community and the importance of strong leadership.

Habits, Hospitality & Hospro

Hospro Tribe member, Narmeen Kamran, gives her experience with the Hospro membership package.