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The Waking up Meditation App

This partnership will get you one free month to trial the product, obligation-free.

Created by neuroscientist and best selling author, Sam Harris, Waking Up is on a different level when it comes to all meditation apps.

The initial 50-day introduction is an exploration into the nature of consciousness and mindfulness – walking you through the lessons to focus the mind and relieve stress without the enforced spiritual overload.

When the month ends, if you decide you’d like to keep it (we think you will), enjoy a £35 discount. Best meditation app in the world.




The foundations from which we build.  

Based on Nutritional Psychiatry principles, Hospro helps to combat the negative consequences of the Hospitality lifestyle which then can negatively influence our overall mental health.

Areas Hospro can be helpful during quarantine:

  1. Replenishment of key nutrients that the body uses as precursors for neurotransmitter synthesis
    (eg. Serotonin, Serotonin controls our happiness)
  2. Offsetting the negative effects of stress, mainly inflammation, oxidative stress & micronutrient loss
  3. Reducing levels of tiredness and fatigue

Fiit - Fitness App

This partnership will have you experience 2 weeks free + a further 25% discount on any membership plan.

Fiit offers hundreds of classes from numerous different trainers from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re into hiit, yoga, stretching or strength training – Fiit has you covered.

The in-depth explanations and training programs are suitable for experienced trainers as well as those just starting out.

Classes range from 10-40min & have a range of different difficulties based on your fitness level or goals that day. We personally love Cat Meffan

Appropriately Nicknamed ‘the Netflix of fitness’.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in?

Join for one month, join for a year – there are absolutely no obligations.
On top of our supplement and partnerships, we will regularly be hosting online chats, discussions and meet-ups, as well as, releasing members-only content to continue to further aid in your journey.

But it is a journey that you need to want to go on, we’re just providing all the tools.

How does the supplement work?

It’s the foundations from which we can then build from. Click here for more

By using nutritional psychiatry principles combined with industry research and experience, we’ve identified the areas of most concern while working within the industry and built this up from there. But Nutrition for the brain isn’t only what you put in your body, it’s also what you lose through things like stress or drinking.

It’s the link in the wellness chain – without optimal nutritional status, the development & sustainability of other healthy habits is only further complicated.

Nutritional Psychiatry?

The science identifying diet as a modifiable risk factor in mental health prevention. Genetics, environment & trauma cannot be controlled, but your lifestyle can be.

We’ve taken it a step further by adding simple and sustainable overall lifestyle changes & community to aid in your important personal journey – click here for more.

The 1 on 1’s ?

Not therapy – more life coaching. Draw on our industry and life experiences to better realise and hit your goals, it’s recommended but completely optional..

In the first month, we’ll have a 30min chat about where you’re at and explore how we can best unlock your best self. From there we will check-in for a quick chat each month to see how you’re doing & where we can improve – lasting about 10 minutes.

In the future, we may look to add a third membership option that involves regular coaching sessions to best help you achieve your goals and ideal health.

Why should I listen to you?

Because I’ve lived it. Hospro is the culmination of my own struggles within the Hospitality industry and how I learnt the skills to not only improve my life but to also better yours. This 1 on 1 was hugely beneficial for the first members of the tribe.

Where is the supplement available?

For now, we are just available within the UK. Due to uncertainties and complications around Brexit – we need some more time before being available elsewhere.
It is very much though in our plans to extend our reach!

Follow the tribe in the meantime with our community membership.


“I think of Hospro not only as a supplement but as a guide and a consultancy brand for a better life”

David Rs Guerrero – London
Bar Manager at Luca 


“It’s great to focus on looking after yourself and making this part of your daily routine!”

Tobie-Anna Durk – London
Founder of Kelly’s Cause


“I find meditation provides calm and mental clarity, it provides a positive impact that is both immediate and long term.”

Gary Weir – Manchester
Head Chef


“If a project like this had been around when I was new to hospitality and struggling, I would have felt not just less alone but been able to deal with them in a faster, healthier & more sustainable way. “

Alexandra Farrow  – London
Restaurant Manager at Silver Lining


“Having the one on one chat made me feel like someone cared and wanted to help with my brain. To unpick it, listen and help set realistic goals, as well as how to achieve them.”

Phaedra Morris  – London
General Manager at Market Halls


“Hospro gave me the impetus to make some other small changes in routine at the same time”

Paul – London


“The perfect accompaniment for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including mindfulness techniques and regular brisk exercise”

Kris Hall – Sommerset
The Burnt Chef Project Founder


“I’ve noticed I am now handling stress considerably better. I don’t wake up or go to sleep as overwhelmed, and I don’t feel as sluggish. I feel up the pace!”

Maria Kontorravdis  – London
Senior Bartender at Sexy Fish
Create a proactive mental health care plan for your staff.

These can run these on a 3, 6, 12 month basis and rates will vary depending on your venue’s needs.
We can personalise this to incorporate trainings, workshops, further benefits and more.


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