Hospro, Covid and The Future

It’s now been just over a month since Hospro was launched and what an incredible first month this has been. We’ve already been in approximately 50 peoples hands, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our drive is stronger than ever to help improve hospitality mental health

The Present

I think in these times of anxiety, hurt and uncertainty, it’s important to reflect on the journey, the milestones and the future rather than to constantly fixate on the unknown. Especially with my own anxiety issues, I prefer now to look at “what can I do” rather than “fuck, what’s going to happen?”

To think that only a year ago I was still navigating my way through some very major struggles while plunging my thoughts into the idea that through fitness, lifestyle and nutrition could improve my mental health, is truly remarkable. Things do get better.

I’m always going to have my mental health because it is truly a part of who I am but I now know that I’m not broken and the light at the end of the tunnel is very real. 

To know that I’ve survived many struggles so far in my life and still be here today, it empowers me to know that not only can I grow and become stronger from this unfortunate situation, but we as an industry can too.

With current government policy crippling the industry, both with Brexit and the Covid response, it unfortunately looks to be in our hands to navigate these tough times. While the present may be difficult, I have absolute faith in the hearts and abilities of the absolute superstars throughout our ranks that we can build a brighter future when this situation does start to settle down. 

If anyone needs my help with any projects that I’ll be of use to, please do get in contact. If anyone just wants a chat, do not hesitate to say hey on the Instagrams.

The next few weeks may be tough, but there will be a light at the end of this tunnel too. I promise.

The Future

In the very near future, Hospro will be launching both a community space and other incentives to improve lifestyle alongside the supplement we’ve already released. From day one, it was never our intention to be a vitamin brand, Hospro is here as part of the industry to develop healthier lifestyles, healthier habits and to inspire positive change in the industry as a whole.

Changing the industry is going to take time and there sadly is no cure for mental health so the focus for Hospro is to improve lives in the meantime and find ways to aid in the prevention of mental health issues arising in the first place. What small steps can we make today, to create a better tomorrow?

This journey may start with focused nutrition but definitely does not end there.

We’ve been working hard over the past couple of weeks to develop relationships with other companies to help increase accessibility to other forms of self-improvement, which is incredibly exciting for us. Working in the industry myself for about 13 years, I completely understand that money, time and a lack of solid routine can be giant barriers in making those initial changes and we’ve taken this into account when looking for these partnerships.

The community space is going to be a little bit of a different take on things already available out there, with a simple purpose of increasing participation in having conversations. The intention is to have these discussions begun by an industry figure sharing an experience from their time in the industry and the discussion going from there organically.

There will even be an option to participate anonymously as the goal is simply to talk and feel safe about talking. It won’t resemble some sort of intervention or AA meeting, just a spot to chat about things, realise a lot of us are going through similar circumstances and discover new ways of positively dealing with life within the industry.

We didn’t plan on launching this for a few weeks, but with the prospect of many being quarantined within their own homes and the uncertainty around how this may affect our industry – I’m working hard to get this ready as soon as physically possible.

But that’s where we’re going!

In our first month, we’ve also met some amazing people in Manchester with So Lets Talk, had a chance to speak at an event with the Pilot Light Campaign in London and participated in an incredibly insightful Mental Health First Aid training with Kelly’s Cause. 

We hope to do some more events like these, and even some trainings on how to improve mental health through lifestyle adjustments specific to working in the industry. If you’d like to book in for one of these, just get in contact at [email protected] – at this point, they’re free of charge.

Stay safe, stay happy.
Matt x