Habits, Hospitality & Hospro

We have all been in a situation at work feeling like we had no routine or balance in life whilst just feeling run down and sluggish.


The long and unsociable shifts, hours on your feet and lack of nutritious food running our bodies and our minds down. Whilst we are good at our jobs and enjoy putting smiles on customers faces, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. No wonder that 84% of our industry report increased stress due to work and 24% have needed medical or psychological help. We need to ensure that we are looking after ourselves to be able to look after our guests.

Mental Health is affected by biological, environmental and psychological factors in our lives. The lifestyles we lead in this industry aren’t always aligned with healthy habits and choices which lead to poor physical and mental health. Whilst some factors may be out of our hands, we should always try to control what we can to make better choices for a healthier and happier life. Routine may not be easy when we live in the industry of shift work and rotas, but we can introduce habits that improve our lives overall.

Ironically, working in the world of food and drink most of us do not eat very well. Between greasy staff food or sometimes no food, the industry is taking out some key ingredients that we need. The Hospro supplement is designed to put back in what the industry takes out. It’s not a meal replacement but instead ensures that our bodies are receiving key vitamins and minerals we lack every day. Having been taking Hospro now for a month, I can honestly say my body has been feeling more awake and active rather than run-down and exhausted. Best of all, it had been tailored to the industry with 15 key ingredients, instead of multiple different tablets for different vitamins, this is a simple three tablets every morning. Whilst I have accidentally forgotten to take them on some days towards the start, this has become a real key habit for me each morning and has improved my days.

Physical health is another key factor we can improve on even if we hit our daily step target on shift. Fitness was important to me, however, I always was either too tired or too busy to go to the gym or for a run after work or before work or on days off. This meant that I was wasting £25 per month on a gym membership that I never used and never cancelled because of my optimism. Hospro has partnered with FIIT, a studio fitness app with a wide range of instructors, classes and fitness plans. Previously I would find only a limited timetable of gym classes I could attend with my abrupt schedule whereas with FIIT I have now tried yoga for the first time as well as various cardio sessions at home. It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins, improving mood and mental health, it’s just one we need to make a habit in our daily lives.

The final habit to mention is meditation which is done with the Waking Up with Sam Harris app. Meditation brings us mindfulness to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. With fast-paced jobs and lives, it’s important to take a step back, sit down and focus our minds to find clarity or to reset or start your day. It’s something that once you have introduced, you will find yourself picking up and thinking about throughout your day.

Hospitality has an abundance of bad habits and poor mental health, but it doesn’t have to be that way. But by looking after ourselves and adopting better habits and choices we can improve our situations and lifestyles as well as our mental wellbeing.

Narmeen Kamran