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Brief Description:

This introductory course serves as a brief introduction to the main course which explores how you can use your role as a leader to create happier, healthier, and better-performing hospitality environments.

In four short 3min videos, we’ll give you an overview of what’s included in the course and how we will help you to create real and meaningful change within your organisation. 

Happier staff are more productive, they play nice together, they create better experiences for our guests and ultimately create more money for your business. By taking steps to build environments where people are happy, engaged, and fulfilled – we all win.

What each video will cover:

    1. Welcome to the course and why a different approach is needed
    2. What this training will do and how it will do it
    3. An introduction to the core modules in the course
    4. The goal of these core modules


“Matthew has created a carefully crafted leadership training programme that will help build  a happier, healthier and better-performing work environment.”

Max Fellows
Co-founder at Virtual Events Directory & Elevate mentoring. TED Speaker


“Matthew’s willingness to talk about his own struggles with ill mental health, combined with his extensive hospitality experience make him uniquely positioned to succeed on this mission.”

Geoff McDonald
Mental Health Campaigner and Keynote Speaker


“Matthew’s training tackles the biggest questions the industry currently faces with the sole purpose of helping you create a happier and healthier workplace. If you’re looking to create a business where you and your team thrive, this training is for you.

Melissa Noakes
Head of Sponsorship & Events at Santander UK, Co-founder of Elevate


“People work for people and in the current recruitment crisis, leaders have to focus on retention – this tool is a brilliant way to do that and so I fully encourage leaders to sign up and use it.

Sean Wheeler
People and Culture Consultant


“In a time when it’s never been more important to attract and retain new employees, the Hospro training will put you on the right path to building a team that’s happy, and works well for your business.

Frankie Kitt
Operations Manager at The Rose Partnership


This course is the result of Matthew’s own journey of self-improvement. He’s put his heart and soul into this and it shows. The training programme is incredibly well put together. It’s going to help guide, inspire and develop the next generation of hospitality leaders.

Peter Kerwood
Marketing Consultant