Success isn’t the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.

Do you need:

  • somebody to consult on happiness for your people programmes?
  • To train management on how to improve happiness & performance?
  • A coach to develop more effective leaders?
  • An influencer to change the perspectives of your board?
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Tailor-made solutions by Matthew Cameron

We’ll sit down with you and better understand your needs, your goals and your vision for the future and design custom solutions to help your team to achieve it. 

This will be delivered by Hospro’s founder, an expert in the area of happiness in hospitality who is more than willing to share his story to empower your people.

Happiness Data Tech

To better understand your needs as a company, we can use Wellbee to gain insight into the happiness and purpose of your people, as well as, the effectiveness of leadership and trust within your organisations.

If we better understand where your people are & how they are feeling, we can better tailor unique & effective solutions where they can be the most effective.

Pre-Built Leadership Programme

We can include our incredible pre-built animated leadership course as a base product into any package that we create for you. 

Your staff can easily access the 15 module course whenever it is convenient for their schedule, as they go on a journey to become a more effective leader of people. 

HR Tech Platform

We’ve partnered with Clever Goose to help managers, business owners and HR professionals alike confidently navigate common HR situations – removing risk, headache and stress.

A helpful tool for management to be able to tackle small problems on their own, but also incredibly useful for those in HR positions to quickly navigate processes and access pre-built resources when and where necessary.

Saving you time and money.

Our Network of Partners

We’ve been lucky to build relationships with other amazing people who hold similar values and goals to ours since we launched in 2020. 

If there’s a topic we aren’t able to provide value – these beautiful people can come in to host trainings in areas from mindfulness and breathwork to diversity and inclusion. 

The Leading towards happiness at work programme

Short 20min sessions to kickstart your team’s journey to create happier and better performing work environments.

Schedule the course over 4 days or 4 weeks, fit them into manager meetings or as a Monday morning motivation – we’re flexible to your needs.

Webinar 1:

The problem with the work-life balance
  • Matthew tells his story with mental health in hospitality
  • Shifting the focus to the work side of the equation

Webinar 2:

The business case for happiness at work
  • The business case for change
  • Huge benefits of happiness in the workplace

Webinar 3:

The changing landscape of the work environment
  • The millennial takeover and their shift in mindset
  • Managers as the architects of meaningful employee experience

Webinar 4:

Leading towards happiness at work
  • Strategies for creating happiness at work
  • Putting the puzzle together and next steps

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