For clarity, motivation and accountability

Working within the hospitality industry often makes it hard to prioritise our own self-care, we know, we’ve been there. We are also an industry that can struggle both on opening up on these issues and finding ways to get around the obstacles that cause the work-life balance to fall out of balance.

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective and a nudge in the right direction.

The one of one chats made everything that I was feeling inside my head seem a bit more real but also when you get them out, they just seem more manageable. Knowing that there is someone there who wants to hear about your mental health goals was really important to me and not something I had ever put focus on. In our industry and lives, our goals are primarily either career or lifestyle driven rather than focusing on our mental health and happiness. Having the one on one made me feel like someone cared and wanted to help with my brain and unpick it and listen and help set realistic goals on how to achieve them.

Phaedra Morris
General Manager
Market Halls

David RS Guerrero
Bar Manager

I think Matt is an example of reaching your goals or at least fighting for them. He is kind, he knew the importance of listening and was very respectful, understanding every aspect in relation to the idea.

I think it was a really useful tool for me to talk to someone who doesn’t know you so well and/or hasn’t heard you say the same things a thousand times. It allows you to find out a little bit more about why you might feel a certain way, and then look for ways to deal with that.

Alexandra Farrow
Restaurant Manager
Silver Lining

In your first month we’re going to throw in a free 1 on 1 as we believe it to be an important part of the puzzle towards better mental health and overall lifestyle within the hospitality industry.
we’ll check in each month from there!
You’ll always have access to us through email and IG if you need extra support.