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Hospro provides the tools to take control of your unique hospitality lifestyle.
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“The perfect accompaniment for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including mindfulness techniques and regular brisk exercise”

Kris Hall – Sommerset
The Burnt Chef Project Founder


“I think of Hospro not only as a supplement but as a guide and a consultancy brand for a better life”

David Rs Guerrero – London
Bar Manager at Luca 


“Hospro gave me the impetus to make some other small changes in routine at the same time”

Paul – London


“If a project like this had been around when I was new to hospitality and struggling, I would have felt not just less alone but been able to deal with them in a faster, healthier & more sustainable way. “

Alexandra Farrow  – London
Restaurant Manager at Silver Lining


“Having the one on one chat made me feel like someone cared and wanted to help with my brain. To unpick it, listen and help set realistic goals, as well as how to achieve them.”

Phaedra Morris  – London
General Manager at Market Halls


“It’s great to focus on looking after yourself and making this part of your daily routine!”

Tobie-Anna Durk – London
Founder of Kelly’s Cause


“I find meditation provides calm and mental clarity, it provides positive impact that is both immediate and long term.”

Gary Weir – Manchester
Head Chef


“I’ve noticed I am now handling stress considerably better. I don’t wake up or go to sleep as overwhelmed, and I don’t feel as sluggish. I feel up the pace!”

Maria Kontorravdis  – London
Senior Bartender at Sexy Fish


Research clearly shows a link between both positive and negative lifestyle habits and our overall mental health.

Nutritional psychiatry has emerged as an approach to mental health prevention by maintaining the building blocks of a healthy brain through nutrition and lifestyle.

It presents neurotransmitter synthesis, inflammation, and oxidative stress as modifiable risk factors in the mental health equation.

By combining focused nutrition centred on these areas with other positive habits, we can begin to see real positive change – not only today but continued into the future.

Lets Change the World



Hospro is a toolbox built specifically for the hospitality industry to improve mental wellbeing and performance by providing the tools to proactively take control of one’s own life.

Using our hospitality-specific brain supplement as the foundations to build up from, Hospro then provides access to further tools such as meditation apps, fitness apps, coaching, trainings, interviews, and a supportive community.

Built by Hospo, for Hospo.

You have the power to improve today.



The hospitality lifestyle can provide a perfect storm for complications in maintaining adequate self-care and overall mental health.

Currently, 59% of our great industry is struggling with a common mental health problem – this is far too many.

You are not alone, you are not broken & change doesn’t need to be radical. By taking positive & proactive steps, we can improve these modifiable risk factors each and every day.

Unsociable irregular hours, unsupportive employers and a lack of both time and money are all barriers that we can encounter when it comes to prioritising our health in the industry.

Not Any More.



Hospro puts back in what the industry takes out.

Packed with 15 different ingredients chosen to supplement areas of potential concern, caused by the hospitality lifestyle.

It’s fuel for the Hospitality professional.



An evergrowing list of partners alongside our supplement to incentivise your self-development and ability to control your own health to thrive while working within the hospitality industry.

Meditation, exercise, community, healthy eating
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